How Do Their Minds Work? Famous Authors’ Handwritten Outlines.

William Faulkner wrote on the wall

William Faulkner wrote on the wall.

Have you ever wondered what the workings of a creative mind look like? Or considered the way that authors weave their myriad of facts, happenings and characters into a cohesive plot?

Well, look no further. The website Flavorwire has posted some quite amazing outlines of novels and stories which the respective authors used to make a plan for the creativity that was to follow. They are, if you like, the foundations upon which the novels were built.

It has to be said some of them are pretty full on and we find it quite astounding, looking at these complicated outlines, that any of the works were ever completed. Indeed, for one author in particular, William Faulkner, the writing was literally on the wall!

What do you think?

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What do you think?