The professionalization of library theft

Book TheftAs readers, I guess we all value our prized collection of books no matter what the true financial value of our libraries is. We’d be mortified if somebody stole even one of our coveted tomes.

So, how much more would this sense of loss be if you were the curator of a large collection of old and rare books and you became victim to serial and ongoing theft?

In an interesting article on the OUP Blog Travis McDade, (curator of Law: rare books at the University of Illinois), states that this ongoing and professional approach to the theft of valuable library books is a burgeoning problem across the world.

He proposes that the main indicator of this crime being elevated from the ranks of the amateur to the professional is the appointment of specialist forgers who are employed solely to remove the various security markers that libraries use in an attempt to prevent theft.

You can read more of this fascinating article using the link below:

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